The motor oils are the first products in OMV’s new automotive portfolio to replace the existing Bixxol brand.

Modern packaging design, clear color coding, as well as an updated online oil search make it easier for customers to choose the most suitable product for their car.

The new OMV antifreeze and OMV brakes are suitable for vehicles of all ages.

OMV presents a new line of high quality automotive products under its own brand. Following OMV Motor Oil, the company began producing antifreeze flushing fluids. The novelties are now offered at all OMV filling stations in Bulgaria.

Choosing the right car care product is becoming more and more difficult. Modern engines with high-tech machines and manufacturers recommend oils with a complex structure, which turns out to be a real problem for consumers. OMV offers a simple solution: a new distinctive packaging design with clear images and color codes on the labels of the different series, which help consumers to easily navigate their choice.

The new OMV engine oils have been developed using the latest manufacturing technologies to meet the stringent requirements and high approval criteria of leading vehicle manufacturers. In addition to their primary function of lubrication, they also cool, clean, prevent corrosion and seal. The innovative technology of OMV engine oils ensures that all these requirements are met simultaneously in all seasonal weather conditions. The new OMV engine oils replace the existing Bixxol brand.

OMV has also developed an online oil finder that allows users to find the oil that is best for their engine. This digital tool can be used on the OMV website as part of the OMV Filling Stations app or by scanning a QR code on a gas station shelf. For customers who prefer a personal touch, the OMV service station staff are well trained and always ready to provide assistance on the spot.

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Car care at any time of the year

OMV continues to release premium washer fluid with antifreeze. The OMV antifreeze line includes two representatives — G11 (blue) and G12 + (pink). They not only prevent the cooling system from freezing, but also protect the radiator, water pump and cooling ducts from corrosion. In addition, OMV coolant meets the requirements of most vehicle manufacturers and can be used in almost all cooling systems.

Quality brake fluid is a key ingredient for good brake performance and one of the most important fluids in vehicles. OMV offers two types of brake fluid suitable for both cars and motorcycles with anti-lock braking system (ABS), as well as cars without this technology. OMV brake fluids exceed DOT4 and DOT5.1 requirements and ensure reliable brake performance.


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